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Why your Boardroom needs a water cooler!

Why your Boardroom needs a water cooler!

Posted by Conor Ryan in Water Coolers Ireland 30 Nov 2015

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In this month’s blog we examine why your boardroom is so vital and how a water cooler plays such an important role. You may think that a boardroom is a collection of chairs and a table but, there are times when it needs to be so much more.

The board room can be the engine room of any business. This is the room where important meetings take place that change and drive the company forward. These meetings can be short, sharp meetings or they can be gatherings of key people in the organisation that pull together, creating solutions over many hours of talking and doing.

Your board or meeting room should reflect your business and your brand. If you are a young-at-heart company, within the field of technology for example, your meeting space should reflect and support this. No longer should the boardroom be silent and dull. In effect, just as you create office space for staff that supports and nurtures creativity, you are also looking to create a meeting space that does the same. A key factor in this is a water cooler. A water cooler in the board room has many benefits.

If nothing else, a water cooler makes people feel comfortable. If people are uncomfortable, they fidget. If they fidget, they become more uncomfortable; they can become spiky and uncertain, confrontational even.are not at their most creative. A water cooler is a break away from the brain storming. A nice refreshment makes people a lot more comfortable and a small break is always welcomed. The water dispenser in the boardroom can do the same thing. It is an informal gathering point, a place where people can unwind briefly from the serious business of driving the company onwards.

If is also proven that drinking water makes the brain work 14% faster. Also if the board room can be stuffy and over crowed it is vital that everybody has access to drinking water to keep hydrated. Water can significantly improve our ability to think and make us energetic too. Water also helps to relieve headaches and back pain.

It is fairly obvious that water coolers are essential for a number of reasons. Glenpatrick supply mains fed and bottle-top water coolers. Typically, Mmost boardrooms will might not have access to mains water and in that instance, but bottled water coolers are the best solution.
The great thing about bottled water coolers is that they can be moved. This is made much easier with in built wheels which all bottled water coolers in the Glenpatrick range have. So, the next time you have a big meeting happening, make sure the water coolers are in place.

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