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Why Should We Filter Our Tap Water ?

Why Should We Filter Our Tap Water ?

Posted by Mark Duncan in Water Coolers Ireland 06 Oct 2016

As we all know Water is vital to our health.However if you’re drinking straight out of the tap and it can sometimes be dangerous to drink!
When you drink tap water, it can contain chlorine or fluoride compounds and it can be hazardous to drink. However, you can improve the water with the right filtration system in place.


Here’s how to turn water back into a health drink you would expect.

Regular tap water is not as clean as we would have come to expect – “clean” drinking water that flows from the tap isn’t what most of us would think of as clean. It’s travelled through miles of pipeline, picking up contaminants along the way. It has been disinfected with potential carcinogens like chlorine, ammonia and/or chloramines.
However, disinfection is necessary. Without it, illnesses could be a constant problem. Drinking this water (un-filtered) every day with these chemicals is not a wise idea.
Add to the mix an ever-growing list of new chemical compounds that come online just about every day and well, it would seem a water filtration system is even more necessary than ever.

The help of water filtration systems.

So, how do we filter out the bad stuff in your water? The best way to go is a water filtration system. For starters, look for a water filtration machine were the filters are European certified like the NSF, The NSF and other bodies test and verifies the contaminant reducing abilities of water filter machines. For drinking water, there are different ways to go, with the simplest & most effective options being Under-the-counter filters, Countertop filtered coolers & Free standing water filtration systems:


– Under-the-counter units:.

these are great because they’re tucked away out of sight and receive very high marks for filtration.

– Counter top Units:

Counter top systems require minimal installation and take up only few inches of counter space.These units are extremely popular Glenpatrick Units have Direct Dispense Filtration. The benefits of this can be seen on our video on the website.  

– Free Standing Water Coolers:

These are the most popular version of filtration systems – They work well and fit easy in to most canteens or kitchens and can usually be installed with ease and are a must for any work environment as they offer an easily accessible clean water point for employees.

– Bottled Water Coolers:

We would always recommended mains fed water coolers, However if it’s not possible to facilitate, we can always provide the highest graded bottled water available for drinking in Ireland.Our Water is Natural Mineral Water and the Highest graded water which can be obtained.

Water filtration is simply a no-brainer. These units will support you and your colleagues’ health by preventing poor water from entering your body.
Visit Glenpatrick Water Coolers website and check out our range of filtered & bottled water coolers and our unique water filtration system (Direct Dispense) https://www.glenpatrickwater.ie/mains-fed-water-coolers/ – Direct Dispense will thoroughly filter the water so it is left clean, clear and tasting great!

. For more information about how we can help call us today on 01 4523600 on through sales@glenpatrickwater.ie…

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