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What Is The Best Water Cooler For Your Organisation?

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What Is The Best Water Cooler For Your Organisation?

Posted by Conor Ryan in Water Coolers Ireland 03 May 2016

Water Cooler Range

What is the best water cooler for your organisation?

As we come into the summer this is the busiest time of the year in Glenpatrick as companies look at getting a water cooler in their office.The hot weather and stuffy offices means companies require water coolers to keep staff hydrated and cool. In Glenpatrick we get numerous calls with various questions regarding which coolers best suit various organisations and industries. This month we decided to help customers establish which cooler suits their company best.


The first thing we say to customers are have they access to the mains water? The reason for this is that mains fed coolers are more cost effective and environmentally friendly than bottled water coolers. A mains fed water cooler consists of a water cooler accessing the mains supply in the building. We run a small ½ inch pipe to wherever you would like the cooler located. The filter takes out all the badness from the water and you get fresh, cold and clean drinking water from the cooler.


As you see from our website we have a number of different mains fed coolers. When we receive a call from a customer we try and establish the customers’ requirements. These can be decided by a number of factors like premises for eg new offices, access to mains, space, budgets etc. People who move into new offices tend to go for the GP Elite or GP Select mains fed models. These units have our unique direct dispense filtration which is the most hygienic on the market. A lot of companies who need a cooler but the space in the canteen is at a minimum would go for a counter top GP Select unit or an GP under sink unit with a swan neck tap. Glenpatrick also offer a great cost effective solution with our GP Classic unit which can fit into company’s budgets.


Glenpatrick were the first company in Ireland to offer both bottled water coolers and mains fed water coolers. In areas like boardrooms for example there is rarely access to the mains supply. Glenpatrick offer our customers 2 different bottled water cooler options. The GP Elite and GP Select bottled versions. The water Glenpatrick supply is natural mineral water and is the highest graded water available. Our water is drawn at the source from the limestone rocks of the Slievenamon Mountain range in County Tipperary, we provide nutrient rich natural mineral water.


I hope our blog can help our customers identify the best solution for their organization. Should you require any further information please feel free to contact us we would be delighted to help.!!


For more information about how we can help call us today on 01 4523600 on through sales@glenpatrickwater.ie



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