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Water Coolers: How and why water has changed

Water Coolers: How and why water has changed

Posted by Conor Ryan in Water Coolers Ireland 25 Sep 2014

Water Coolers: How and why water has changed

Many people in Ireland don’t realise that there are different ways of consuming fresh cold drinking water.
The traditional method of bottled water from a water cooler has changed in the last 15 years. The first ever water cooler company in Ireland was set up in 1989. These units weren’t much to look at but served a purpose and the demand for such a product was there.


Water cooler technology improved and water coolers became smaller and more visually attractive – and therefore more suitable to office environments. Most if not all bottled water coolers consist of a 18.9 litre drum. These drums consist of either spring water or natural mineral water. Glenpatrick supply natural mineral water from our well in Clonmel Co Tipperary and this is the highest quality water than can be obtained.

The cooler was plugged in and the water was chilled with two taps for chilled and room temperature water. The bottled water coolers require sanitisations every 13 weeks for hygiene regulations.

This type of cooler saturated the market throughout the ninety’s. In 1991 the first mains fed coolers were introduced. However it was only in 1995 that there was a change in the market and mains fed coolers became a lot more popular and continue to do so. Many companies have migrated their bottled water coolers to mains fed coolers as the advantages became very clear.

Water Cooler

• Unlimited water supply – fixed costs
• No bottle deliveries, storage or heavy lifting required
• NSF approved filtration with ‘Direct Dispense+’ in two of our models
• Cost effective
• Sanitisations every 26 weeks
• Environmentally friendly

The stand-alone coolers in appearance are very similar just without a bottle on top. They have the 2 taps for both chilled water and room temperature. Another big development in mains fed coolers are that counter top and under sink options are also available which minimises the space required.

At first mains fed coolers were very slow to attract people and in some areas were not feasible due to poor tap water in urban areas etc. However with the increase in improved filtration this meant the quality of water could not be higher. Ireland now has the highest % of any country in the world of mains fed coolers. This is an interesting statistic and shows the rapid growth of mains fed coolers in Ireland. Glenpatrick Water coolers were the first water cooler company to offer both options.

Call us today and we are more than happy to advise you on the best package for your office.

Conor Ryan

Guest Blogger

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