| Top 5 reasons why chatting around water coolers is productive

Top 5 reasons why chatting around the office water coolers is good for business.

Top 5 reasons why chatting around the office water coolers is good for business.

Posted by Conor Ryan in Water Coolers Ireland 30 Jun 2015


June Blog Top 5 reasons why chatting around the office water coolers is good for business.

In every office in Ireland people chat around the water coolers. Employees in a workplace tend to assemble around the office water coolers for a chat. However employers should not be wary of this and instead embrace this as research has proven that employees perform better after their short breaks around the water coolers. Short conversations about family or sports can only help employee’s productivity.   Many managers would see personal interactions between staff as wasting business time. Yet this actually improves worker’s happiness with their work and in addition will benefit the organisation.   Things are changing and company’s beliefs are different. Instead of costing businesses money through lost time, certain companies believe the water cooler chat could possibly help create the best ideas that the company may use. As a result, the workers who are standing around chatting about the different issues may actually unveil some fantastic business ideas. When workers receive a motivating response from their co-workers, they will end up more pleased with their job, which should in turn cause them to take action in ways that help the organization.

The top 5 reasons why chatting around the office water cooler is good for business include.:

1 – Individuals need time away from their computer systems. Staff are required to take their mind of work for a short period of time. A quick break might help someone to de-stress and loosen up for a moment to enable them to deal with the task they may be working on with refreshing eyes when they return.

2 – As mentioned in our April blog. Staff that are properly hydrated are more alert, effective, and geared up for the workday. Additionally, having an office water cooler may discourage staff from leaving the work environment to get drinks somewhere else, which in turn helps reduce potential distractions and keeps staff on task.

3 – A great way to energize and refresh your mind at work is to talk with co-workers at the office water cooler. This strengthens teamwork and allows you to develop the relationships which are required for great team morale.

4 – Office water coolers provide several health and environmental advantages. Having access to free water available will help staff opt for water instead of paying for fizzy drinks or fruit drinks elsewhere.

5 – Water cooler chats help employees to take a break. Do not forget that staffs require time to de-stress. Occasionally a small amount of chit-chat in regards to the weather conditions or what they did over the weekend break is useful for morale. If your staff spend a couple of minutes at the water cooler just discussing normal social things, this is really a good thing.

It implies that they are thinking about each other’s day-to-day activities and will probably work together much better as long as they are friends.   Get them conversations started and get a water cooler today! For more information about how we can help call us today on 01 4523600 on through sales@glenpatrickwater.ie

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