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School Time – Water Fountains a Necessity

Posted by Conor Ryan in Water Coolers Ireland 31 Aug 2015



It is that time of year again. September means one thing school is back.The benefits and necessity of clean drinking water has been discussed in our blogs on many occasions. We now look at the importance of water fountains.This Blog is a reminder to students and teachers alike that clean drinking water is a must for health, hydration and general fitness of body and mind.
Of course kids in school can easily get a drink of water, right? At first glance, this may seem obvious.But, after some exploration, the issue is quite a bit more complicated.

Surveys from the Department of Education found that approximately 30 percent of schools reported have no access to free drinking water in school. Second, even for those that report having access to free drinking water, whether this access actually means kids are drinking water is another story.
We can all probably remember the sorry state of many water fountains in our schools. Too many are in varying states of disrepair and dysfunction. Even if they are in working order, some fountains are visually unappealing or dispense tepid, unpalatable water.
Students often express a desire for chilled water especially after a lunch break of running around.

GlenFlow Fountains

Glenpatrick’s Glenflow fountains are Compact, attractive and economical, these models are suitable for a variety of applications and locations where space saving is critical. Glenpatrick water cooler’s fountains are Ideal for Schools, Gyms, Sports Clubs and Factory floors. Glenpatrick’s Glenflow Fountains plumbing connections are completely concealed within the cabinet permitting flush to wall installation. These units have are Stainless Steel basins which resists corrosion and hard knocks. Glenpatrick Water Coolers service the units throughout the year and ensure all units are remain in pristine condition. Glenpatrick only use our high spec European NSF certified filters which eliminates any bad tastes in the water. These filters are changed twice a year and the cooler is sanitized aswelas well.

Glenpatricks Water Fountains are an extremely effective and efficient method for dispensing high volumes of clean, quality, chilled drinking water. Adults and children who drink one or more soft drinks or other sugar-sweetened beverages every day are 27 percent more likely to be overweight or obese. Sugary drinks consumption rates vary from county to county and city to city, with dramatic variations between some counties and some cities.Is your school using a unique Glenflow fountain to get more kids to drink water? Let us know! We’d love to provide a free trial so you can see the benefits for yourself!!

For more information about how we can help call us today on 01 4523600 on through sales@glenpatrickwater.ie



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