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Bottled Water Coolers

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Bottle Water Cooler Ireland

The GP Select bottle top water cooler is a cost effective solution to all your water cooler requirements. As Europe’s top selling water cooler Glenpatrick Water Coolers are proud to be able to bring this fantastic product to the water cooler market.

GP Select Top Points

  • Europe’s no 1 water cooler
  • Built in wheels for portability
  • Recessed taps for superior hygiene
  • Integrated cupholder
  • Needs just 1sq foot of floor space
  • Easy empty bottle replacement

Bottle Water Cooler Ireland

The GP Elite bottle top water cooler with its slim profile and chic design brings change to the water cooler industry. This bottle top water cooler is one of the most hygienic water coolers on the market that has form and function.
GP Elite Top Points

  • Streamlined contemporary design
  • Built in wheels for portability
  • Recessed taps for superior hygiene
  • Integrated cupholder
  • Easy pour high dispense point
  • Self evaporating drip tray – no more spills

Water Trail Technology
Bottled Water Coolers
Glenpatrick Bottled Water Coolers set the right tone in your office or home. Everyone becomes more alert and productivity benefits – they are also sleek and stylish. Our water coolers come in a range of free standing models providing cold and hot water or cold only.


There’s a choice of cool colours and all that’s needed to get everything up and running is a single square foot of floor space and a plug. You can even wheel out units from place to place, carrying coolness to a whole new level.

Get the boost bottled water brings

  • It’s the premium drinking water solution
  • Enjoy pure fresh natural mineral water, the healthy alternative
  • Highest quality water coolers, sanitised every 13 weeks
  • Easy to install – don’t call the plumber – he’s not needed
  • Any location you choose
  • Free scheduled deliveries