| Prevent Dehydration this Summer

Prevent Dehydration this Summer

Prevent Dehydration this Summer

Posted by Conor Ryan in Water Coolers Ireland 30 Apr 2015

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Prevent Dehydration this Summer.


With summer around the corner, it’s important to take care of ourselves; especially as the days continue to get hotter. It’s important to keep hydrated in order to avoid physical problems that can arise as a result of becoming dehydrated. Our bodies consist of 75% water. This is distributed throughout the body and found in cells, blood vessels and between cells. Dehydration is caused by increased amounts of water exiting from our bodies than entering through various mechanisms including sweating, breathing, urinating etc. Our bodies require that water levels remain at a normal level. If we deprive our bodies of adequate water intake, our body then becomes dehydrated. Dehydration is most commonly caused by engaging in activities that require strength and energy and therefore results in water loss. Dehydration is normal in situations like these and can easily be reversed as you start to catch your breath and drink water. However, sometimes, dehydration can also be the result of diseases or conditions which impair the mechanism of water homeostasis within our bodies. These can include:



this is the leading cause of dehydration related deaths as it leads to not only decreased water retention, but also loss of important nutrients. The large intestine is responsible for absorbing water from the food that we eat. When an individual has diarrhoea, this process is shut down.



diabetes result in high glucose levels in the blood, which the kidneys try to eliminate through urination (again to maintain diabetic homeostasis). As your body continues to create more urine to control blood sugar levels, your visits to the loo increase and your body continues to dehydrate. Frequent urination can also be caused by diuretics, medication for blood pressure, anti-psychotics, and antihistamines.


Illness and vomiting:

Major diseases like gastroenteritis can lead to fluid loss, as there is the presence of diarrhoea and vomiting as two prominent symptoms.



Alcohol acts as a diuretic, resulting in frequent urination. Furthermore, the hangover the next morning is an indication that your body is severely dehydrated.



The first response of your body to dehydration is feeling thirsty and less frequent urine output (as a means of conserving more water). As dehydration becomes more severe, more symptoms start to emerge, which include: Dry mouth, Weakness, Dry glands tear ducts, Less sweating, Muscle cramps, Heart palpitations, Vomiting and/or nausea,Light-headedness and/or confusion. Further still, severe dehydration can also result in organ failure, coma, or eventual death if untreated.



The most important thing however, is that it’s not difficult to prevent dehydration. It’s as simple as making sure you drink enough water and your body is getting adequate fluid intake (which can even be in the form of fruits and fresh juices). Pay attention to if your body starts signalingsignalling dehydration by checking for the symptoms mentioned above. Your best bet is to drink water or juice as soon as you feel your mouth go dry.


Take care of yourself this summer, and make sure you’re staying hydrated throughout the hot days!

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