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Leaf Compostable Cup

Leaf Compostable Cup

Posted by Anna Douglas in Water Coolers Ireland 29 Nov 2018

We are delighted to announce that Glenpatrick have sourced an alternative to single-use plastic cup,  We now have in stock an environmentally friendly compostable cup which we are delighted to provide to our environmentally minded customers.


As we all become more aware of the necessity to reduce our carbon footprint, reducing the volume of litter in our world and switching to compostable products is one of many key benefits to achieving that objective.


Compostable cups are manufactured using polylactic acid, which is made from totally renewable resources like corns, potatoes and other plants. These compostable cups also use less energy, and release less harmful pollution than conventional plastic cups. For example, manufacturing bio-based plastic from corn takes only half as much energy as manufacturing conventional plastic from petroleum.


We hope your will be interested in trying these cups as an alternative the plastic cups and making your contribution to a cleaner and healthier environment.


Please let us in Glenpatrick know if you would like to try this new product product by calling or e-mailing today.


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