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Hot Water Boilers. What Size Should You Be Using?

Hot Water Boilers. What Size Should You Be Using?

Posted by Conor Ryan in Uncategorized, Water Coolers Ireland 02 Mar 2016
Hot Water Units

Hot Water Units

Over the last few year hot water boilers have become a necessity in the working environment. Glenpatrick have seen that a lot of customers think the bigger the boiler the better. Unfortunately this is not the case and all you are doing is adding unnecessary costs to your business as the bigger the boiler the bigger the cost.

Most people think the boiler is more costly than a kettle which is also not the case. Kettles use a lot more electricity than a boiler for example our boiler fills 156 cups in a single draw off in comparison to a kettle it would have to be boiled 31 times in order to get the same amount which uses a lot of electricity. Our boiler is an eco-boiler which means it saves electricity and money through more efficient use of energy.

Other advantages of the boilers include:

Savings especially businesses, for example you or your employee want to make a hot drink. They boil the kettle, possibly wait for the kettle to boil, then prepare the drink and the average time it takes to make a hot drink is around five minutes. Typically, this routine is repeated three times a day, so fifteen minutes a day. That drink has just lost your business productivity, not to mention electricity!

If you’re uneasy about the amount of time your staff are spending hanging around the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil, then a hot water boiler offers a fantastic alternative to minimise this loss in time and productivity.

Environmentally Friendly Kettles are also massively power hungry devices that waste a huge amount of energy, especially being switched on repeatedly during the course of a day.

Boilers are available in many sizes. Glenpatrick offer the following hot water boilers.
Ecoboiler T5 (5 Litre Capacity)
Ecoboiler T10 (10 Litre Capacity)
Ecoboiler T20 (20 Litre Capacity)
Ecoboiler T30 (30 Litre Capacity)

The T5, T10 and T20 all dispense the same amount of water which is 28litres per hour.The T30 dispenses 56 Litres per hour. The only difference between the boilers is that the T5, T10 and T20 can fill 156 cups per hour and the T30 fills 311 cups per hour. The T30 also takes more power than the T5, T10 and T20 boiler.

So how do you choose the right boiler for you? It’s really simple.
If you have an office with a capacity of under 200 people you should really be going for the T5 boiler. Anything over that is when the T30 may be better suited but only if all staff uses it at the same time ie break times. If this is not the case the T5 boiler is the best boiler to suit your needs and also saves you money. I think it’s safe to say when it comes to boilers size shouldn’t matter it’s the volume of cups you can fill per hour that is the most important.

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