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GP Elite Sparkling Unit

GP Elite Sparkling Unit

Posted by Anna Douglas in Water Coolers Ireland 29 Nov 2018

The new GP Elite unit is stylish, dispenses filtered, cold, fresh drinking water as well as sparkling water.


It is known that most people in Ireland don’t drink enough water. We all work hard and time can be an issue but with the installation of our fantastic GP Elite unit, you can enjoy instant cold sparkling water in seconds, whenever it is required.


Those who like their water sparkling can opt for their new cooler to provide it, and enjoy the legendary Deep Sparkle™ delivered by our pressurised high-saturation process. Our sparkling water cooler also includes a built-in leak detector and level sensor as standard.


Sparkling water offers all the amazing benefits of regular water, but with a fizzy twist! Some of these benefits can include weight management, increased energy, flushing out toxins, a boost in your immune system, and even an improvement in skin, among many, many others.


Here are some key points on our new GP Elite system


• Ultra-hygienic Touch Sensitive Control Panel

• High-capacity Dispense Area for Bottles and Jugs

• Integrated Cup Dispenser

• Sealed, Hygenic, Direct-Chill Cooling System

• Sparkling Water At The Touch of a Button


For more information about how we can help with your drinking water needs you can either call us today on 01 452360 or email us through sales@glenpatrickwater.ie.

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