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Our reputation is based on the premium quality of the water we supply the top class hygiene of our water coolers the service we deliver. You could say we’re constantly on the look-out for ways to put clean blue water between ourselves and our competitors in terms of quality, value and on-the-spot service.

  • You’ll find us close to hand in three depot locations in Dublin, Cork and Clonmel
  • You’ll find we deliver nationwide in twenty four hours or less
  • You’ll find we put a major emphasis on health and safety with unique cooler cleaning, sanitisation and filter renewal systems
  • You’ll find the unique Glenpatrick Water Trail provides and Glenpatrick Direct Dispense provide the latest advancements in water cooler hygine.
  • You’ll find us ready and eager to service your on and off-site needs – we’ll be right there with you in the case of special events and outdoor locations


When it comes to water, your way is our way.

Our natural Mineral water puts a Glenpatrick spring in everyone’s step. Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day will keep you hydrated and helps concentration. It also reduces fatigue, keeping your workforce healthy, happy and alert.

Our own wells are the source of our waters, drawn deep from below the surface of the southern slopes of the Slievenamon Mountains in County Tipperary. The mineral content of any groundwater is determined largely by the geological material through which it passes which is what gives the water its clean natural taste.

Our water has been recognised as a Natural Mineral Water following a strict assessment by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI).

Natural Mineral water is microbiologically wholesome water, originating in an underground source, protected from all risk of pollution and emerging from a spring. It is clearly distinguished from ordinary drinking water by its nature (mineral content and trace elements) and by its original state.

Refreshing the best

Since Glenpatrick Water Coolers was established back in 1998 we have maintained our customer focus and keep that at the heart of the organisation.

We are extremely proud of our flexibility in providing our clients with exactly what they want – it’s this determination to succeed on your behalf that gives us the vital competitive edge.

Our list of new and long-term customers ranges from some of lreland’s largest State, Semi-state and Corporate Organisations to small and dynamic SME enterprises.
Here is a sample of the companies that trust us to bring a refreshing solution for their water requirements.

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Irish Ferries is a shipping and transport company engaged in the transport of passengers, cars and freight on routes between Ireland, the United Kingdom and Continental Europe.

We aim for continued success in our chosen markets and focus our efforts on the provision of a reliable, timely and high quality experience for all our customers.

The team at Glenpatrick Watercoolers Ltd, with their consistent, efficient, professional and affordable service plays a hugely important role in ensuring our continued growth within our chosen sphere of operations.