| Why every office needs a Glentherm Water boiler

Why every office needs a Glentherm Water Boiler.

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Why every office needs a Glentherm Water Boiler.

Posted by Conor Ryan in Water Coolers Ireland 26 Nov 2014

Why every office should have a Glentherm.

Are you feeling the bite in the morning? Winter has well and truly arrived. Lately the journey into work in the morning has been chilly; be it public transport, a car journey, a brisk walk or a steady bike ride, there is nothing like wrapping your hands around the first hot cup of coffee or tea.

Our Glentherm boilers are proving to be a hot product for companies at the moment (excuse the pun) and help our customers and their staff to warm up to the day’s work ahead.

So it’s all good to know that the Glentherm boiler will help warm you up for the day by getting you the first cuppa of the day but there is more.

There are 4 main reasons why you need one of these hotties in the office.

Our Glentherm has a built in tank that can hold up to 11 litres of water. It is also built with a filter that will descale your water and ensure you are drinking the best clean water.

The winter is well and truly here and Christmas is just around the corner, so treat yourself and your staff to an early present. Call us on 01 4523600 or 021 2364606 you can also contact us directly through email to arrange a free trial

Also feel free to have a look through our other products that we have available the would make the ideal gift for your office

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