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Benefits That Drinking Water Can Bring To Your Exam

Benefits That Drinking Water Can Bring To Your Exam

Posted by Mark Duncan in Water Coolers Ireland 28 Apr 2017

This month we look at the benefits that drinking water can bring when sitting your exams. As the Junior and Leaving Cert exams are coming up for third and sixth year students in Ireland, I thought I would look into what students can do to give them that extra edge. We were not surprised to find out that Students who drink water during their school exams may improve their grades, according to research conducted by a major University.


Researchers from the leading University says that water does indeed boost academic performance by keeping the students hydrated. The researchers observed 447 psychology students. 71 were in their foundation year, 225 were first-years and 151 were in their second year. Just 25% of the 447 students entered the exam hall with a bottle of water.


The results showed that those who took water into the exam had a higher grade than those who did not. “The results imply that the simple act of drinking water in an exam was linked to an improvement in students’ grades”. The researcher states that consuming water may have a physiological effect on thinking functions that lead to improved exam performance. These findings could have implications on any future school policies for access to drinks during examinations at all levels.


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